Software and Hardware Architecture

Background based on e-commerce platform design, can flexibly increase or decrease the number of servers on demand to meet different business needs, achieve load balancing, increase scheduling mechanism, reverse proxy mechanism, solve high concurrency

Flexible architecture

For different business sizes, on-demand input, self-contained servers, and can be deployed to cloud servers.

for large & medium-scale enterprises

This architecture is suitable for users 1000 people level and data volume up to 1 million level users, can scale the server on demand, to solve high concurrency high write


for Small Business

This architecture is suitable for enterprises with a relatively small number of users and data volume, saving costs.


Zhijie System Architecture Advantages

High availability of system architectures

ZJSCMS the underlying platform uses the large e-commerce website system architecture, the network server uses the popular Nginx, realizes the first layer load balancing.
it can increase the dispatching server, applies the reverse proxy mechanism, the centralized transaction in the service side processing, the queue mechanism, responds to all kinds of high concurrent reading and writing environment.

Flexible hardware architecture

ZJSCMS can be based on enterprise personnel and read and write data volume configuration of the corresponding hardware equipment. Hardware can be from 1 layers to 3 layers of architecture, with different numbers of users, can be extended on demand, can be highly applicable, the highest can be implemented scheduling server + Application Server + database server and report server separation.

Table optimization by station & time

ZJSCMS's database was by carefully designed.the property field is separated from the calculated data, which reduces the duplicate data by 3-5 times;the common table and the Not commonly used table were storaged in different partitions;the expiration data and the recent data was separated,it can reduce query data; and periodically make Table index optimizations, enhances the operation and the query speed.

More forward upgrade potential

Based on the excellence of the e-commerce website system architecture, when the number of users of customers more than 1 million, the date server of ZJSCMS can be used to Oracle database, the server platform changed to Linux platform, and we can recustomized development a new client, changed to Java development of B/s architecture, to match the customer's heavyweight application.