Zhijie Trade management system

Zhijie Trade management system is my company for e-commerce back-office management, trade, industry enterprises Designed for day-to-day operations and management of the common collaboration management platform, fit the business.


Major business modules integrate messaging capabilities to provide
a task list for next departments and enhance inter-departmental collaboration.

Supplier Quotation

As the original basis for procurement, ensure that the unit price of the procurement is well-founded.

Purchase order

As a trade company's basic function, including delivery plan, actual delivery record, delivery status, convenient procurement control procurement progress.

Goods Inbound

Through the purchase order generation, as the basis for receipt, and can integrate customs declaration data, as the source of import customs declaration data.

Credit Note Summary

Provides a simple and fast monthly summary of actual receipt data, generates reconciliation data payable with suppliers, and the write-off function of real payments.

Customer Return

Record customer return data, automatically extract the latest customer and supplier latest cost quotes, and facilitate returns to suppliers.

Customer Quotation

As the original data for the sale unit price, to ensure that the unit price of sale is well-founded.

Sales Order

As a basis for sales, including delivery plan, actual delivery record, delivery status record, convenient sales control delivery progress.

Goods Outbound

As a sales of the actual record, provides automatic pick-picking function, automatically selected by advanced withholding inventory.

Debit note Summary

Provides a simple and fast monthly sorting of actual shipment data, generates accounts receivable data with customers, and provides the function of cash-out write-off.

Return to Supplier outbound

Records all data returned to suppliers for non-performing goods can be used as a basis for deduction.

Warehouse Management

Receiving, putaway, inventory balance, pickup, outbound, inventory adjustment, VAD services, location adjustment, abnormal goods,

Baisc information

Provide the branch, customer and supplier, products, unit, route,country of origin,currency,staff etc... management.

Direct sales quotation

Provide a record of the factory's direct sales quotation and record the percentage of the commission on sale as the basis for collecting the commission.

Direct sales order

Record orders from direct customers of the factory as a basis for shipment.

Direct shipping

The shipping data recorded according to the direct sales order does not produce the actual deduction, only as the basis for recording the commission.

Sample inbound

Manage the samples inbound.

Sample outbound

Manage the samples outbound.

Waybill management

It can be generated by the issue order, as the original data for placing an order to a courier, transportor or freight forwarding company.

Transport Credit

Generate the corresponding transportation cost according to the bill of transport, as one of the cost basis.

Customs Brokerage Management

Customs modules can be added on demand


Provide the fixed assets, vacation, visit applications, goods release management, expenses, office supplies application for procurement and distribution.


Customer complaints Management, differential loss reporting, service promotion reports, client and supplier quotation management, contract management,busienss follow,sales fee, sales report management.

System Management

Users and permissions can be configured on demand, Counter principles, table display scenarios, multilingual, options and system configuration features.

Message and task center

All business modules integrate message sending capabilities to take cross-functional, cross-branch collaboration to the next level through message sending and task list capabilities.

ZJtrade Function Pictures

Integrate PC client, app client, and some web app features

Trading management
Warehouse management
Customer Relationship Management
Basic information
System Management