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20 years logistics Management experience,join the 10 years of development experience,
New architecture, New coding,to present the most fit and practical supply chain management platform -ZJSCMS V2019-for you!

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Zhijie supply chain management system

Zhijie supply chain management system is my company for e-commerce back-office management, trade, logistics, professional warehousing
and freight forwarding industry enterprises Designed for day-to-day operations and management of the common collaboration management platform,
development for 14 years, fit the business, on-line.

System features

User developed this system.

Fit the business
Easy to use
Rapid development
Agile custom-made
E-commerce architecture, Flexible fit



Bonded and non-bonded logistics transportation.


Air,Ocean Freight forwarding industry enterprises.


Bonded and non-bonded warehousing,DC,VMI HUB,CKD.


E-commerce backstage management, trading companies.

ZJSCMS Main Function

Major business modules integrate messaging capabilities to provide a task list for next departments and enhance inter-departmental collaboration.


Into the warehouse,receiving, putaway, inventory balance, pickup, out of the warehouse, inventory adjustment, transfer of goods rights, inventory, value-added services, inter-Library allocation, location adjustment, abnormal goods, repackaging ...


Integrated Job, transportation, booking,house bill, main manifest, through the Air or sea consolidation platform, we can handle the FCL and LCL business, and provide the agent resources and air master bill number management.


Can provide vehicle and LTL cargo transport management, including car booking, vehicle stowage management, China and Hong Kong cargo list printing, customs clearance operations, combined with the app can achieve cargo tracking records.

VMS:Vehicle Fleet Management

Vehicle management, driver management, vehicle operation Management, daily dynamic monitoring of vehicles, spare parts management, refueling management, maintenance management, regular cost management

Customs Brokerage Management

Not only we manage physical cargo, we can also have strong customs data management capabilities, and goods are bundled with Customs information when it entry to warehouse, and the customs declaration data will be automatically generated when the cargo will be outbound to warehouse.


Can be fixed assets, vacation, visit applications, goods release management, at the same time will be reimbursement of expenses, office supplies application for procurement and distribution are integrated.

Financial management

Combined with the quotation module to achieve automatic calculation of receivables, coping, and automatic generation of statements, a single profit monitoring, monthly and annual profit summary, paid write-off.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer complaints Management, differential loss reporting, service promotion reports, client and supplier quotation management, contract management,busienss follow,sales fee, sales report,Agent resource management.

System Management

Users and permissions can be configured on demand, Counter principles, table display scenarios, multilingual, options and system configuration features.

Purchase order

Reserved purchase order interface, as an e-commerce or trading company into the warehouse data interface, and as the basis for receiving goods.

Sales Order

Reserved sales order interface, as an e-commerce or trading company out of the warehouse data interface, and as the basis for out-of-stock storage.

Message and task center

All business modules integrate message sending capabilities to take cross-functional, cross-branch collaboration to the next level through message sending and task list capabilities.

ZJSCMS Software and Hardware Architecture

Background based on e-commerce platform design, can flexibly increase or decrease the number of servers on demand to meet different business needs, achieve load balancing, increase scheduling mechanism, reverse proxy mechanism, solve high concurrency

The complete architecture of large and medium-scale enterprises

Suitable for users 1000 people level and data volume up to 1 million level users, can scale the server on demand, to solve high concurrency high write


Small Business Architecture

Cost-saving enterprises that are suitable for users and have relatively few data volumes


Zhijie System Architecture Advantages


High availability of system architectures

ZJSCMS the underlying platform uses the large e-commerce website system architecture, the network server uses the popular Nginx, realizes the first layer load balancing.
it can increase the dispatching server, applies the reverse proxy mechanism, the centralized transaction in the service side processing, the queue mechanism, responds to all kinds of high concurrent reading and writing environment.


Flexible hardware architecture

ZJSCMS can be based on enterprise personnel and read and write data volume configuration of the corresponding hardware equipment. Hardware can be from 1 layers to 3 layers of architecture, with different numbers of users, can be extended on demand, can be highly applicable, the highest can be implemented scheduling server + Application Server + database server and report server separation.


Table optimization by station & time

ZJSCMS's database was by carefully designed.the property field is separated from the calculated data, which reduces the duplicate data by 3-5 times;the common table and the Not commonly used table were storaged in different partitions;the expiration data and the recent data was separated,it can reduce query data; and periodically make Table index optimizations, enhances the operation and the query speed.


More forward upgrade potential

Based on the excellence of the e-commerce website system architecture, when the number of users of customers more than 1 million, the date server of ZJSCMS can be used to Oracle database, the server platform changed to Linux platform, and we can recustomized development a new client, changed to Java development of B/s architecture, to match the customer's heavyweight application.

ZJET Function Pictures

Integrate PC client, app client, and some web app features

Forwarding management

Warehouse management

Vehicle Fleet management


Financial management

Customer Relationship Management

Basic information

System Management

Android APP

Android APP


Auto putaway
Can be separated by warehouse, customer, cargo category, storage area, bin,and combinate a putaway policy, combined with our unique algorithm, can achieve a large number of goods quickly allocate storage, 1000 rows of data only 3 seconds。
Auto pickup
Import pick conditions or attribute conditions through EXCEL, and provide nearly 20 different combinations of attribute conditions, according to the first-in-first-out, or equal number of priority, to carry out fully automatic multi-wave pick.
Auto-adjust properties
For the existing inventory data property adjustment, through EXCEL import conditions, we can provide fully automatic properties and additional properties adjustment, for the operator to bring enough convenience, save time and effort.
Auto split declarations
For a large number of shipments of warehouse, a warehouse will exceed the number of customs declaration lines limit, in order to facilitate the operation of customs agents, Zhijie system can provide fully automatic customs data split, automatically split by 20 lines or 50 lines.
Auto generate single AR or AP
Based on quotations, it can intelligently pickup the charge quantity and automatic generate the single DEBIT NOTE or CREDIT NOTE documents
Auto calculate outbound charge
According to the quotation and Job, the warehouse data can be extracted intelligently, and the number of inventory days can be calculated, the overstaying of the warehouse rental fee for each position is obtained, and AR document can be generated.
Auto calculate monthy storage charge
Based on quotations and settlement dates, you can manually and automatically intelligently summarize the customer's monthly inventory data and generate a AR document
Auto generate statements
Based on confirmed single receivables or payables, combined with customer and financial months, you can automate the generation of monthly statements.

Extreme performance


Fast Import 3000 lines 7S

3000 lines of Excel data, 30 fields per line import the Job detail, complete the value from the underlying datasheet and save it successfully,only needs 7 seconds.

Fast putaway 1000 lines 3S

Through the configurable putaway strategy, combined with our intelligent algorithm, 1000 rows of data as an automatic allocation of storage, only 3 seconds can be allocated to complete.

Fast pickup 3000 lines 10S

3000 lines of Excel data as a pick condition, import PICKUP to pick the details of the goods, by FIRST IN and FIRST OUT lure, only 10 seconds to complete, and can prevent concurrent operations.
Fast downlink

Fast downlink transmission

3000 lines of Excel data detail + header documents, from the European client access to the Hong Kong server, open and operating speed close to the local network operation.

Team experience

We foucs in systems solutions in the logistics industry


Logistics industry experience


Forwarding industry experience


Professional Warehosue experience


System develop and implementation

We understand your business

Our business process designers themselves are engaged in the logistics industry in 20, for transportation, freight forwarding, warehousing companies have a wealth of management experience, we understand your business.

We know your business pain point

Based on years of practical experience, we understand the customer's various business models and management pain points, and integrate solutions and management processes into the Zhije management system.

We design the system for you with our heart

Based on 20 years of experience, 13 of development and implementation, we continue to summarize a variety of customer needs and implementation of the process of problems, and constantly improve the development of technology, and constantly updated, with the Times.

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