Our team

Designed in Shenzhen,Developed in Beijing

Team experience

We foucs in systems solutions in the logistics industry

Logistics industry experience
Forwarding industry experience
Professional Warehosue experience
System develop and implementation

Why Choose us?

We understand your business

Our business process designers themselves are engaged in the logistics industry in 20, for transportation, freight forwarding, warehousing companies have a wealth of management experience, we understand your business.

We know your pain points

Based on years of practical experience, we understand the customer's various business models and management pain points, and integrate solutions and management processes into the Zhije management system.

We keep to maintain the system

Based on 22 years of experience, 16 of development and implementation, we continue to summarize a variety of customer needs and implementation of the process of problems, and constantly improve the development of technology, and constantly updated, with the Times.